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We answer your most frequently asked COVID-19 Pet Questions

Your COVID-19 Pet Questions Answered

Q: We are officially in Lockdown! But what does that mean for the Glasgow’s pet owners?

Well, the good news for dog owners is that we are all allowed ‘one form of exercise per day’ which translates nicely into a longer dog walk. We are still waiting for clarification on what dog owners should do if they do not have a garden or multiple people to take a dog out for pees during the day!  

As usual, our feline friends will be able to ignore all human advice and continue as purr usual.

Our small furry friends, feathered companions and reptile buddies won’t even notice the difference - lucky them!


Q: What if my pet is unwell during Lockdown?

The most important thing is PLEASE DO NOT IGNORE your pet’s illness! And the very best place to get good pet health advice is from us!

We have a great COVID-safe service for you – by Text, Video or Telephone consult or, if your pet needs treatment with a safe means of getting your pet into the practice!

Call 0141-649-4949 24 hours a day! 


Q: Will the Roundhouse stay open?

Yes! Vet Practices have been designated as one of the businesses that can remain open!

In fact, in response to COVID-19 we have decided to provide emergency and urgent Veterinary Care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! By phone, by app and in person (all be it at a distance!)

We hope that by opening round the clock we will save extra trips for owners with sick pets and help to cover any additional need created by Vet practices having to close or go to shortened hours.

In addition, being 24 hours will allow us to provide great care whilst spreading our amazing team over a longer time period - meaning we will be in smaller, self-contained teams, keeping us safer too!

Our branch practices are temporarily closed but their phones are answered at the Roundhouse and we can provide remote services (detailed below) or see your pet at the Roundhouse if needed.


Q: What is Pets’n’Vets PetsApp?

Pets’n’Vets PetsApp is our brand new App through which you can get our amazing veterinary service to your mobile device by way of Text advice or Video consults, you can arrange to have medications sent, pay bills and send pictures - it’s the safest, best way to get the advice that you need!

It is an ideal service if you just want a little reassurance or to ask a quick question. We can advise you on whether you need to leave your house to visit the Roundhouse or in some cases we will be able to give you the advice that you need as well as send you medications and recheck in with you to see how things are going.

You can get to our App here - Pets'n'Vets PetsApp (on your mobile device) 

Q: What Changes will I notice if I have to visit the Roundhouse?

Well first off, we are here round the clock! 24/7!

When you get here, we are asking that you remain in your car or outside the building and call us. We will either video call you or call your phone for an update on your pet. Then we will ask you to approach the gate at the back of the carpark, a member of staff will ask you to use our ‘gate interpass’ system which is a clever way to make sure that we can all keep our social distance. We will then take your pet into the hospital or examine them in our outdoor consulting room and contact you by phone or video to discuss what we have found.

Our usual great service in a safe way!


Q: I am a Pets’n’Vets Family Member, are my benefits intact?

Yes! We are including Video and Text consults in Membership as well as regular consultations at no charge. Late night and overnight consultations will also receive 50% discount. Beat the Beasties will still be sent out or ready to collect (although we would prefer to send them to you at no extra charge), discounts remain as they were and we will catch up on your pet’s boosters as soon as this is all over!

Not a Member? Find out about Membership here!


Q: My pet is due vaccinations, what should I do?

Our vaccine manufacturers have given us some leigh-way on this; they reckon that we can safely stretch vaccine frequency by a couple of months – that means, if your pet is an adult animal that has received vaccines in the past 12 months we will delay their vaccination until the pandemic is under control.

***UPDATE 27-3-20***

We are now being expressly advised against vaccines even for pups and kittens.

Please call the practice and we can give you advice over the phone as to what to do in the meantime.  

Advice on this is changing and we will come back with the newest, latest advice as it comes in.


Q: What if my pet is on on-going medication or needs regular treatment at the Practice?

We are able to send you medications or see your pet for certain conditions whilst taking extra precautions. Sometimes we will suggest a Video or Telephone Consult first. Call us on 0141-649-4949

It is incredibly important that you do not stop medications for your pet - let’s keep them well!


Q: Flea and Worming Beat the Beasties Treatment - should I continue?

The answer to this is ‘definitely yes!’ - being stuck at home is bad enough ... but being cooped up with an infestation of pet fleas or intestinal or lung worms would be much worse! And so far as we know, no one has told the parasites to ‘lay off for a while’!

The very best place to get your anti-parasite treatments is the vet – our Beat the Beasties Packs are stronger, safer and kill more types of parasites (some of them can be lethal!) than supermarket or pet shop equivalents– and if you get your medications from us, you are also supporting local business! Thank you!  

We can send you your pet's Beat the Beasties pack, just contact us via PetsApp or on the phone and we will pop it in the post (NB there will be a delivery charge for non-Members) 

Want to know more about Beat the Beasties? Click here!


Q: What about my Pet Supplies?

Getting hold of pet supplies may be a little more difficult but hopefully you all have a good online source for what you need - if not, contact us by phone or via Pets'n'Vets PetsApp and we can arrange and send you what you need!


Q: I am Self-Isolating or being Shielded – What if my pet needs Veterinary Care?

We now offer a safe pick up and drop of system in one of our Pet Ambulances.

If you call the practice and let us know we can arrange to collect your pet, we will then offer you either a telephone or Video Consultation with our findings and make a plan.


Q: Can my pet get Coronavirus?

In short, no. This virus is not one that can cause illness in domestic pets.


Q: Have the Pets’n’Vets Family’s prices changed?

Our standard prices have not changed since our annual price increase. In-person consult charges for regular hours are still included in Pets’n’Vets Family Membership.

We have a number of new services or COVID-specific services and their prices are: -

  • Pets’n’Vets PetsApp Video Consultations are £32.10, again they are included in Membership
  • Out of Hours fee (8pm-8am) of £135 per consultation, with 50% off for Pets’n’Vets Family Members.
  • Medications delivery charges vary according to the urgency and size of the package we can deliver medications in person as an emergency, overnight registered or standard 2-3 day. Charges available on specific request.
  • Collection and Drop-off prices vary with distance but start from £20 for pick ups within a 10-mile radius of our Hospital.

We would like to thank you for using our services and supporting a local business!


Information will be updated as time goes on – this info is correct as of 26.3.2020

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