Thursday 20th Dec, 2018

Ferne and Rory's Vet Tales

Fern and Rory’s Vet Tales sees animal experts Ferne Corrigan and Rory Crawford help children understand that just like us, animals can get sick and need help from a vet. The popular CBeebies show recently filmed some of our vets, patients and their awesome owners at The Roundhousde Hospital and our Queen's Park practice! 

The episodes filmed include our vets Emma, Nick and Valerie and patients Bonbon, Wiley and Chewie as well as their awesome junior owners. 

Emma commented: “It was great to meet Ferne and Rory, Bon Bon and his family! We love seeing all pets and hope our participation in Vet Tales can highlight how much we can do for guinea pigs! Bon Bon was lovely to work with and is a real star!”

Valerie said: “It was great to meet Ferne and Rory and to be able to impart some practical advice to cat owners about what simple steps they can take to manage their pets’ weight and health.”

Nicolas added: “Dog allergies are more commonplace than many pet owners realise and Ferne and Rory were interested in highlighting this issue and how it can best be treated. And Wylie certainly seemed to enjoy being filmed; indeed I think he could be getting a taste for stardom!”

Our Partner Oliver Jackson added: “As well as being entertaining, Ferne and Rory’s Vet Tales is very educational and, as such, dovetails nicely with our Junior Vets Club. This club, which was a key feature of the recent Dog Lover Show offers a free programme of fun and educational events about pet care and health.

“The Junior Vets Club is an important way for us to give something back to our local community by helping to teach kids to become better pet owners at an early stage. The intention is that it will lead into our long-established Pixie Programme, whereby kids from 14 years old help out in the veterinary practice on a regular basis – an increasingly important step into getting into vet school.”

The series will be on CBeebies at 4.35pm from Monday 19th November until Friday 21st December 2018 (Monday to Friday) five episodes a week, and is available on iPlayer from Monday 19th too.


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