Pain Management

We offer a weekly Pain Management clinic at our Roundhouse Hospital. 

How will I know if my pet is suffering with chronic pain?

Our nurses and vets have seen chronic pain affect pets in the same way it affects us, which is why we set up our pain management clinics. An animal in pain will display the same physiological symptoms as a human, which is to make us ill, depressed or affect our sleep. 

The chronic pain issues we look to solve could be around a dog on several medicines and is not coping with them. We also help owners who are concerned about the volume of drugs a pet is on, and the quality of life a pet has due to ongoing pain.

We also see pets referred to our pain clinic because a Vet feels the pet is in pain, but is unsure of where the pain is coming from.  

What happens at a pain management clinic?

Our Vet Rosemary will ask you lots of questions to establish how your pet is coping with the pain and if there is anything your pet struggles with, for example sleeping at night or exercise. Rosemary will examine your pet from nose to tail, and discuss and explain what she has found, and what she recommends and why. She will then explain what drugs could be prescribed, and why she is administering them.

What happens next? 

There will be a follow up appointment to see how your pet is doing which will usually be a week to two later. 

Can you offer my pet acupuncture? 

Acupuncture is the art of inserting needles into the skin to stimulate the body to produce natural pain killers. It can be used for the treatment of pain, inflammation and wounds. Here at the Pets'n'Vets Family, we can offer your pet acupuncture.  80% of people and animals respond positively to acupuncture which is why we love it. When affective, it can mean a reduction in ongoing medicines. 

We are often asked how frequently a pet will need acupuncture. For severe conditions we'd usually see the pet twice a week, for less severe conditions, every one to two weeks. We’d expect to see your pet anywhere from 3 times to 6 over the course of the treatment, but Rosemary or Kirsty will speak with you about the best treatment plan for your pet.

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