Based at our friendly Roundhouse Veterinary Hospital in the Southside of Glasgow, we have a well-respected and experienced team who are able to provide access to both CT and MRI Advanced Imaging.

Our CT images are acquired quickly, meaning shorter sedation or anaesthetic times. Typical applications for CT include:

Contrast studies – CT contrast urography, portosystemic shunt

ENT: middle ear disease, nasal disease

Orthopaedic – bone pathology, neoplasia, elbow dysplasia, 3D reconstructions for angular limb deformity

Oncology – staging of thoracic and abdominal neoplasia

We also provide access to MRI scans, with typical applications including:·

Intracranial disease: seizures, masses

Spinal disease: assessing for disc or neoplastic disease

Musculoskeletal: soft tissue injuries e.g. ligaments and tendons

Surgical Oncology: planning removal of complex tumours

If you would like to know more about our Advanced Imaging services, please contact us on 0141 649 4949.

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