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In-House Lab

In-house Lab, Vet, Best Vets, equipment, glasgowThe Pets‘n’Vets Family Surgeries have great in-house facilities. Each surgery has either an in-house laboratory or access to lab facilities; access to such facilities means that we can carry out a wide range of diagnostic tests often with results the very same day.

In-house laboratory facilities include:

Blood Testing Machines

Blood Haematology Analyser – this electronic machine counts and checks the size of blood cells within a sample – both red and white cells. It takes just a few moments to provide us with data regarding how many and how mature red blood cells are, as well as the numbers and types of white blood cells.

Blood Biochemisty Analysis Machines – this measures the blood biochemistry, in other words ‘what is floating in your pet’s blood’ – for example liver enzymes, proteins, kidney enzymes, glucose, calcium and others. We interpret biochemistry and get values, allowing us to check for things such as kidney and liver functions, as well as tests for specific diseases including thyroid conditions and others. We use our biochemistry machines in a number of ways; routine health checks, for diagnosis and for monitoring disease progression.

Blood Electrolyte Machines – Electrolytes are also known as blood salts. Checking sodium, potassium and chloride levels in the body are important steps in the diagnosis and treatment of certain illnesses. Having the facility to check electrolytes also aids our choice in administering fluid therapy to animals if required.

Further to the above tests, at Pets‘n’Vets we also routinely perform tests to check for pancreatitis in dogs and some infectious diseases that can occur in cats.

Vet in-house LabMicroscopy

Our nurses are trained in preparation of slides of various types. We have state-of-the-art microscopes allowing our vets and nurses to check visually for a number of things; abnormalities in blood and urine samples, parasites from the skin and samples taken from the body by means of a technique called ‘fine needle aspirate’.


At Pets‘n’Vets, we can perform tests on urine to check for abnormalities such as blood, glucose, protein, ketones and leucocytes. Results can assist us with diagnosing urinary tract disease or infection, as well as conditions such as diabetes. Another common test is checking the concentration of a pet’s urine; this is done with a piece of equipment called a refractometer and provides information on the pet’s ability to maintain water balance.

Retrieving a urine sample from your pet can be difficult. For reasons of contamination it is (very often) better to have a sample taken directly from your pet’s bladder; this is done by our vets using a technique called cystocentesis, in which a needle is placed directly into the pet’s bladder and the urine is extracted. Cystocentesis is a painless procedure which can often be done while the pet is conscious.

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