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Exotic Pets

Angus the tortoise who was a patient for about 6 weeksAt Pets‘n’Vets we are equipped to deal with the most exotic of pets. Everything from snakes to Chinchillas to African Pigmy Hedgehogs!

Our vet, Oliver Jackson, has kept and even bred a number of reptiles. He has a special interest in terrapins and some snakes.

Hens, Guinea Pigs and Rabbits

Another of our vets, Ivor Lough, keeps hens, guinea pigs and rabbits. He is more than happy to answer questions on poultry, and is a very accomplished ‘small furry animal’ surgeon.


Ross Allan has a particular interest in rats. He has undertaken extra studies in their treatment and is well placed to answer questions or to examine your pet rats.


Case study: Spike’s Story

Bearded Dragon, Spike, required an emergency operation to remove bark bedding which he’d been eating, and which had impacted in his gut!

The little Bearded Dragon (pictured right) is Spike. Unfortunately, he recently required an emergency operation to remove bark bedding which he’d been eating, and which had impacted in his gut! In the photo, you can see a tiny heart monitor on Spikes chest, temperature controlled mat, anaesthetic machine, and a couple of other gizmos

Reptiles are kept under anaesthetic in a similar way to other animals. However, unlike other animals, they do not have a diaphragm, so we have to breathe for them during the op.

Spike’s operation went well; the impacted bark was removed from his gut and he recovered well. His ‘mum’ left us this message:

“Hi, just want to say Spike is doing great; never seen him as energetic and happy as he is now. So grateful to all those at Pets‘n’Vets Pollokshaws & East Kilbride.Thanks again.”

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