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Choosing A New Dog

Pup, new pup, new dog, Choosing a pup, Glasgow, puppy, puppiesThe first choice is what kind of dog. The choice is enormous from Bassett to Bulldog, from Griffon to Great Dane, from cross bred Collie to Labradoodle. Remember the following points:

  • Dogs from breeds developed for working and sporting activities, such as collies and spaniels, will require more exercise than toy breeds or even giant breeds
  • Long haired dogs will require more grooming
  • Some breeds with curly or long haired coats will require clipping or grooming at your local dog parlour
  • Some short haired dogs cast their coats heavily

Choosing an adult dog

Choosing an adult dog can be a rewarding experience. This means taking on a dog which has been somebody else’s pet. This could mean a dog whose previous owners could not keep it through illness or bereavement, or it could be a dog which caused problems which the previous owners could not deal with.

When choosing a new dog, obtain as much information as you can – previous history, vaccination and deworming records, and arrange for the dog to be checked by one of the Pets‘n’Vets team asap.

Choosing a puppy

Choosing a puppy can be an exciting experience. Remember, you and your puppy will be together for about 15 years – so choose well. Once you have selected what type of dog you want, look for advertisements in the press, check the internet, go to dog shows, or contact one of the Pets‘n’Vets surgeries for information about different breeds.

When you go to see your puppy, spend time with the puppy’s mother to ensure her good temperament. If the mother is not present, this could mean that the pup is being sold on through dealers which can create extra problems. Go through the following check list when choosing a puppy:

  • What diet has the puppy been weaned onto? If it is a standard puppy food, be sure to find out the commercial name of the food and whether you can easily purchase it. Later on you can change the puppy gradually onto a more convenient diet.
  • Has the puppy received any vaccinations? If so, you need a vaccine certificate signed by a vet.
  • Has the puppy been dewormed? If so, when, and with what product?
  • Has the puppy’s mother or father received any pre-breeding health checks? e.g. for hip dysplasia or eye conditions.
  • Has your puppy got a pedigree? If so, ensure you obtain a copy of the pedigree with the KC Registrations of both the mother and father.
  • If you want the puppy to be KC Registered, ask the breeder to do it; it is easier for them.
  • Tell the breeder that the sale is not final until you have had a check by your vet.

Dates of the forthcoming Scottish Kennel Club Shows can be found by visiting the Scottish Kennel Club website.

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